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Zero Waste Reusable Washable Borosilicate Glass StrawsZero Waste Reusable Washable Borosilicate Glass Straws

Borosilicate Glass Straw – Slim


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Resistant to acid and heat, these glass straws are made from strong borosilicate which is the same material used to make Pyrex bowls and plates. They are taste neutral, which means they do not leach toxins or alter the taste of your drink. Glass straws are reusable and last forever, so by using one you can contributing to less plastic waste into the environment. The straws are clear so it makes cleaning very quick and easy, and are made without sharp edges so it’s safe for use by all ages. Production of glass straws also consume fewer resources during manufacturing, hence resulting in zero pollution.

The straws do not come with any packaging, they will be wrapped in magazine or upcycled thick paper when you order them online.

Note: The glass straw may break if dropped. If cracked, please discontinue use.

Reusable Straws & Cutlery Carry Bags & Accessories are available here.


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