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hannahpad Medium  Non-Slip Extra Grip Organic Cotton Cloth Padhannahpad Medium  Non-Slip Extra Grip Organic Cotton Cloth Pad

Medium Organic Cotton Washable Cloth Pad

(6 customer reviews)


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hannahpads are cloth pads which can be used during periods, postpartum or incontinence. Each hannahpad cloth pad is made from 100% certified organic cotton top layer, cotton internal layers and external waterproof coating to prevent leakage. The cotton used is certified organic by Control Union, even the threads used so no residue of harmful chemicals or pesticides touches your skin. The pads come with wings that snap underneath your underwear so it stays in place.

They are safe for the sensitive skin and easy to wash with Probiotics Laundry Soap. Contrary to disposable sanitary pads, hannahpads do not contribute to landfill and are cost effective as they can be used between 2 to 3 years and even longer with proper care.

hannahpad Medium has 5 internal cotton layers and is suitable for light to medium flow. Our smaller sizes (pantyliner, small and medium) have an added non-slip silicone backing to minimize shifting and movement.


Organic Cotton, Plastic Snap Buttons


Wash before use. Dry completely before storing.

To wash used hannahpads, rinse out the fluid till water runs clear. Lather soap and rinse. If stains persist, soap the stained area and soak in cold water overnight. Rinse and dry completely before storing.

6 reviews for Medium Organic Cotton Washable Cloth Pad

  1. Charmaine

    I have the hannahpads in pantyliner and medium. The washing part is a little difficult to get used to, especially after a long day at work, but it gets easier. As recommended by the owner, I just wash the pads in shower and usually most of the fluid and blood will be washed away. Then I would rub the soap against the pads, fold them into half and soak them in a pail of cold water. The next day I will rinse the pads to see if the stains are all gone. If they are not gone, then I will soap and soak them again in the pail of cold water. If the stains are gone, then I will wash them again in the washing machine. Using the hannahpads honestly makes me feel good that I’m not contributing to landfill and I hope my review will help others in deciding to make the switch.

  2. tabbyginger (Shopee)

    Well packaged. Quick delivery. The price is slightly cheaper than their official website. If it works really well, there would be no change to the 5 stars review. The medium cloth pad is definitely thicker and seem to be able to do e job.

  3. k1myichin (Shopee)

    Being using this product for few years. Like this product very much. ๐Ÿฅฐ thanks fot the fast delivery too.

  4. carilng (Shopee)

    Delivery was very quick and product feels very soft and comfortable. Hope it works well!!

  5. pseudojack (Shopee)

    I bought the panty liner and medium cloth pad to try this out! I heard good reviews about this brand and the fabric is indeed really soft!

  6. ohmygoodmess (Shopee)

    super fast delivery, with a personal note written. Cotton pads were one of the softest that Iโ€™ve touched. Love it ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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