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Pomegranate Seed CO2 Extract


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Pomegranate Seed Oil is sourced from China and is great in providing a barrier protection against sun, weather and chemical exposure. Suitable for mature and problematic skin and and has great moisturizing properties.

The seeds of pomegranate, an ancient symbol of fertility, are the best source of plant estrone to date. The antioxidant and eicosanoid enzyme inhibition properties of pomegranate seed oil possess strong antioxidant activity which is close to green tea and significantly higher than that of red wine.

Pomegranate seed extract contains a unique compound called Punicic acid which makes up 75% of the entire constituent. Punicic acid is highly nutritious fatty acid for the skin and it is able to balance pH and condition the skinโ€™s surface.

Anti-inflammatory and regenerative, the oil is of particular benefit for mature complexions, supporting collagen production and providing protection from environmental exposure. Researchers have conducted studies of pomegranate seed extract on cancer tissues, breast tissues in particular, with promisingย results.

Pomegranate seed extract, in combination with other carrier oils, is ideal for use in cold climates and in skin care products formulated for mature skin or for those with dry or irritated skin conditions.

Our carrier oils are extracted either cold-pressed or using carbon dioxide (CO2). Cold-pressed carrier oils are considered raw or virgin and are extracted in a controlled temperature setting, they retain the healthy antioxidants which helps combat free radicals. CO2-extracted carrier oils are usually thicker than their essential oil counterparts and are truer to the scent of the original plants compared to other forms of extraction, which means more of the plantโ€™s chemical structure is retained in the oil. CO2-extracted oils also resulted in lowย toxicity and minimal environmental impact.

Each bottle comes in a reusable 30ml glass pump bottle and this product is part of our 3R Initiative, click here to find out more!


Punica granatum (pomegranate) seed extract


For skin, apply oil on damp skin to be fully absorbed.

Keep away from sunlight, heat and fire.


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