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Zero Waste Reusable Cotton Facial PadsZero Waste Reusable Cotton Facial Pads

Reusable Cotton Facial Pads

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Have you ever noticed an expiry date on disposable cotton pads? Why not switch to a more sustainable like these reusable cotton pads! Our reusable cotton facial pads are the perfect alternative to wasteful disposable cotton pads and cotton wool balls. We used offcut scrap fabric from other sewing projects to make these 100% cotton fabric rounds, so nothing is wasted from making other products!

Each facial round is 8cm in diameter and you can choose to have them with or without the pom pom pouch. You can gift the pouch to someone else or reuse it as a gifting packaging instead of using wrapping paper.

Our facial pads and pouches are made in Indonesia by a local community. By purchasing this from us, you are providing the employment opportunity for the locals and also supporting their livelihood.


Cotton, scrap fabric from other production


Use like a disposable cotton pad. Rinse the cotton pad with soap then hang dry. You can add to laundry for a deep cleanse after accumulating them in a mesh bag.

1 review for Reusable Cotton Facial Pads

  1. snowdrops67 (Shopee)

    Quite well made and thick enough.

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